By  Jessica Abraham-Hogan
  • Location: United States / Florida
  • Address: Gray Fox Lane, , 3693 Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Country: United States

What are the services that you offer?

(+) Resumes
(+) Cover Letters
(+) Thank You Letters
(+) Follow Up Letters
(+) LinkedIn Revamp
(+) Facebook Revamp

How does your service stand out?

I started this company in September, and it has really been taking off! While my company is new, I have been writing resumes for major online platforms and job search sites for the last few years.

My background is in Marketing (Social Branding and Public Relations). Because of this, I have a ton of experience in driving impact through "word play," and I am quite skilled in using keywords to gain maximum visibility. I easily get people through ATS systems and seen by those who matter most. This is important, because they say that anywhere between 80-90% of today's top candidates will never be seen.

Even if you aren't actively looking for work, it's always wise to have an updated resume that is current to today's standards (which have rapidly been changing). In fact, those already employed tend to be hired quicker than those unemployed -- and, their salary tends to be higher, as well! Having a resume on hand can benefit you if you are working with new clients -- or networking on LinkedIn.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Honestly, it's helping others get to the next step of their career or transition into a new one.

What are your experiences or qualifications?

After spending years crafting the "perfect resume" for competitor agencies, it was time for Jessica to step out on the limb and spread her wings. Teaming up with other writers and sales professionals, she opened Resume.Academy to the public in September of 2016. Resume.Academy would not only provide resume writing services to clients looking to transition within their career, but it would also serve the DIY audiences by providing video and blogs that break down the sciences behind ATS engines and today's evolving resume standards. To date, video production has been on the back burner due to the success of the resume writing program itself.

As in previous roles, Jessica would be responsible for marketing professionals to new potential employers by creating a resume that would place them at the top of ATS engines, increase calls for interview and impresss potential employers. She would not only design a resume for her clients, she would go on to provide extremely affordable services at less than a third of the price her former agencies required. By doing so, she has seen an increase in demand for LinkedIn Revamps, EPKs for the Professional and Marketing One-Sheets, which are pushing back the barriers of entry for clientele and increasing outside interests in their personal brand.

Since launch and through prior independent work for a select list of clientele, Jessica has seen her resumes outperform former resumes developed by competing agencies -- even those she once serviced in the past. Clients are reporting increased calls and e-mails on a daily basis, some receiving calls just hours after submission for a job posting. Many have seen an increase in their existing salary and have accepted positions of seniority as the result. Jessica has been known to dig deep into a client's history and find merit into those contributions that they have forgotten -- bringing a unique edge to his or her resume project.

Recruited for her Marketing and SEO capabilities, Jessica was recruited to work for the leading agency in Professional Resume Writing around the world. Talent:Inc services some of today's top brands and go-to sites in job search and career development. Notably amongst the top 10% of writers within the organization, she joined forces the agency to service VIP Clientele from executive-level positions, while also designing and developing industry-standard resumes for entry-level professionals, scientists, medical practitioners, IT specialists and military personnel.

Whether rewriting a resume to showcase achievements over duties, formatting existing resumes or developing content to make sure clients get through ATS systems, each one was treated as a top candidate in their career journey. Placing them above competition in various roles, many clients have reported that they are now earning upper six-figure income -- a dramatic increase from existing salaries in their field. Most report that they have received interview requests within a few days, if not hours, and that they are now gaining momentum within their job search.

Crafting resumes for many prestigious clientele and industry innovators, Jessica averaged 25 to 40 VIP resumes a week. Some of these projects included phone consultation and resume strategy sessions. Others included the customizing of LinkedIn profiles, the development of cover letters and providing follow-up messages to prospective employers. For her hard work, dedication and customer service excellence, Jessica received much accolade for her quick project turn-around, strategy, writing and results.

How much do you charge for your services?

My specials start at $50 with the development of a basic resume. But, my clients seem to really enjoy the package that includes both cover letter and LinkedIn Revamp service for $100. Compare this to $349. This is what my previous agency charges, as they service today's top job search and career development sites. I also provide phone consultation and support during the process. This is something that they do not do.


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