Lopez's Insulation

By  Gerardo Lopez
  • Location: United States / Texas
  • Address: 16033 Wallisville Rd, Houston, TX 77049, United States
  • Country: United States

What are the services that you offer?

2017 is here ! New year new way of earning in your next light bill and live in a ice box ! Spray foam is a guaranteed solution for penetration and completely seals your home creating a ultimate resistance to heat and cold . Don't loose our ultimate solution ! CALL NOW 832-689-8945

Llegó el 2017 jente ! Nuevo año nuevo estilo para reducir esos biles altos . te gustaría tener una casa fresca ? Spray foam es una espuma que te garantiza cellar esos penetrationes y proteja contra el calor y frío ! No te pierdas nuestra nueva solution ! háblanos para ayudarte este año

Closed cell: 1" 1.10$ Ex: 1000sq X 1.10$=1100$

Open cell: 3 1/2 1.25$ o 5 1/2 1.40$ square foot. Ex: 1000sq X 1.25$=1,250$ o 1000sq X 1.40$ = 1,400$

How does your service stand out?

We have the quality for a very cheap price !

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

We give you the best R value for you home !
Not all homes are the same ! Most are hotter than others !

What are your experiences or qualifications?

Currently going to San Jacinto college for Construction Management. 5 years experience.

How much do you charge for your services?

Spray foam
Open cell: 1" 1.10$ o 3 1/2" 1.25$
Ex: 1000sq X 1.10$=1100$ o 1000sq X 1.25$= 1,250$ material and labor

Closed cell: 5 1/2 1.35$ square foot. Ex: 1000sq X 1.35$ = 1,350$ material and labor .
Pagan mucho de luz ? dejen de pagar esos precios de tienda ! Mejor contratenos para un presupuesto pa su casa nuevas,remodelation,commercial, residential especiales .R-11-13-15 16x93 25$ la bolsa y 125$ el bando de 5 bolsas. R-30 16x48 40$ la bolsa y 160$ el bando de 4 bolsas
R-11-13-15-19-22-30-38 24x93 50$ la bolsa 200$ el bando de 4 bolsas. Tambien ago blown in de la molida a 45 centavos el pie cuadrado. Ejemplo 1000 pies te sale a 450$ con material y labor y 10" commenten su area y pies cuadrados por estimado o marquen el
Is your light bill too high ? Stop paying those retail prices . Lets us give you the energy services you need to have a low cost effective home . We hAve the quality and experience to make your home sound proof and thermal .
Special on batt insulation R-11-13-15 16x93 25$ the bag and 125$ el bundle of 5 bags .R-30 16x48 40$ the bag 160$ bundle of 4 bags.
R-11-13-15-19-22-30-38 24x93 50$ the bag 200$ bundle of 4. Blown in is 45 cents a square foot example 1000 square feet is for 450$ material labor and 10" I do FREE ESTIMATES THROUGH CELL PHONE.


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