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Every website visitor is a sales opportunity.

The perks of using Rapidfy Live Chat for your website

Improve Conversion Rates

Chat with visitors to your website in real-time, capture them as leads, and convert them to customers.

Multi-channel Referrals

Get job leads not only from your own web site but also from external web traffic made on the Rapidfy mobile app and web directory.

Follow Up

Continue a conversation with your website visitor seamlessly between the live chat, Rapidfy mobile app and email.

Rapidfy, more than just chat.

Go beyond walk in customers and what your business can reach. Get genuine jobs and leads anywhere you are.

Let your business be discovered with the Rapidfy app browse business feature.

Improve your web presence with Rapidfy Web Directory and Business Search, enabling your business to be discovered from searches made in search engines.

With Rapidfy Browse Job, be proactive and take up requests which you think you can do as long as the customers accepts your quote.

Introducing ChatBots and Customer Service Outsourcing

Want a live chat but do not have the man power to take care of it? Introducing Rapidfy Chatbots and Customer Service Outsourcing with Rapidfy Live Chat.

Fast instant replies

Fast Instant Replies

A chatbot answers on your behalf. It never sleeps, it never goes for a break. It automates the majority of customer interaction and gives you exactly what you need to give the perfect quote. Just give us samples of conversations you have between you and your customer and we will build it for you.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Chatbots reduces the number of human agents needed to maintain a live chat as the bulk of the customer interaction is automated. When a bot reaches the end of its conversation, or does not understand the customer, only then will it pass over that communication to a human agent.


Outsource it

In certain industries, chat bots just can't replace that human touch or understanding. Our call center agents are trained professionals who can answer the live chat for you. They can also supplement our chatbots when you do not want to, freeing you to get the actual work done.


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3. Embed the code in your website

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*Up to 100 new conversations or 90 days, whichever comes first.

What satisfied customers are saying about the Rapidfy Live Chat

Customer testimonials

Vision Technology Consulting

Star onStar onStar onStar onStar on

"As an IT consultancy firm, we depend highly on immediate interaction with our online customers to secure leads. Rapidfy Live Chat helped us achieve over and above our expectations."
Cleaning Services Company
United States

Star onStar onStar onStar onStar off

"I always felt my website was just to publish my phone number, but now booking queries are actually coming in directly via the live chat. I've secured so much more jobs now."
Car Repair and Service Workshop

Star onStar onStar onStar onStar off

"I never believed in my website till now. I was open to just giving general maintenance advice via the live chat, but never imagined that these customers turned into real customers coming in to service their cars."

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Live chat and your business

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