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All Type of Services in the World
Through our international network, Apave works on large-scale projects in the energy and Oil & Gas sector.
Services in the sector:
• Non-destructive testing:
- Radiography and digital radiography
- TOFD, Phased Aray, IRIS, Eddy current
- MT, PT, VT, UT, ET, LT
- Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
- Infrared thermography
- Strain measurements
- Sound emission tests
- Tightness tests
- Tubular inspection
• FPSO, MODU inspection
• ABS/DNV/LR certified MODU inspection
• PSV/PRV inspection and certification
• Hull inspection
• Rope access (any inspection)
• Airline Safety Assessment
- Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
- Welding Procedure Qualification
Record (WPQR)
- Welding Performance Qualification (WPQ)
- Manpower Supply
Apave helps company managers assess and manage technical risks.
Services Include:
• Facilities Inspections:
- Pressure equipment
- Electrical facilities
- Mechanical equipment
- Fire safety systems
- Lifting equipments (Lift, elevator and
• Technical support:
- Energy production, urban heating
- Complex machinery
• Diagnosis and expertise:
- Electricity
- Mechanical equipment
• Supporting operators:
- Regulatory supervision
- Inspection plan
Building Inspection
• Building, Civil Engineering &
• Independent Third Party review and
Inspection of:
- Fire safety & solidity
- Facilities
- Acoustic insulation
- Thermal insulation and energy savings
• Review and inspection during design phase, execution phase, handover.
Construction & Infrastructures
Through its subsidiaries, Apave intervenes in the field of Infrastructures.
• Building inspection
• Project management
• Project owner assistance
• Asset management
• Geotechnical engineering
• Test & Laboratory


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