Everyone can be a Big Boss !

Everyone can be a Big Boss !

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Wish you had the flexibility of time instead of 9 to 5 routine? Think you are underpaid for the skills you have? Feel that your Business is not expanding Fast? Think the cost of Brick & Mortar Shop Front is Expensive?

Well...Break free and run an Online business! But wait, don't know where to start? Don't have the contacts or links to customers? No idea what SEO means or how to advertise? 

Confused about business

Let me tell you a secret for the modern small and medium businesses. The answer to all your problems is Rapidfy!

What is Rapidfy? Well Rapidfy is a platform connecting users who need help or products with service professionals or businesses who can fulfill it. How can Rapidfy help you be your own boss? Let me explain it in 3 points. 

1) Get extra business and job leads

When a customer needs a service or product, their request will be sent directly to all matching businesses via email and the mobile app. We match service professionals and businesses based on the distance to the customer, and the skillsets required to fulfill the request. Thus, even if you are new and the customer has never even heard of you, you get a shot at securing the deal!

Instant job notifications

Alternatively we offer a browse job function where you can filter jobs by search terms and pick up requests that you feel you can do that our system may have missed, so you get more decision on what you want or do not want to do! 

2) Highly effective marketing

How Rapidfy differs from standard marketing is that the business who pays the most gets the most visibility, and hence the most customers. With Rapidfy, its FAIR;

We send the request to all businesses who match the customer requirements. The onus is thus on the business  to close the deal as fast as possible. In other words it's the business with the best offer and customer service that wins the job, not the one with the biggest marketing budget, perfect for the fledgling business try to make a mark in the world. 

3) Rapidfy live chat

rapidfy live chat

Start converting your website visitors to customers with the fabulous Rapidfy live chat. Messages from visitors who chat with you on your website will be sent instantly just to you in your email and mobile app. Currently Rapidfy is giving a 30 days trial period, so what are you waiting for?  Read more about how live chat can help your business or register for one for your own website here right now!

4) Low start up cost

Did we mention it's free to start off? Yes... Free! Listing your skills and business is totally Free. Getting leads and jobs is also totally free! You only pay for indicating interest in a lead or job that you can and want to do!

imagesCan this get any better? You bet it can. Subscribe to our premium versions and get a complementary listing on our website, a web chatting system direct to Rapidfy app, along with a mini website you can use to tell the world more about your business!

rapidfy referral program

All this adds up to giving you more presence on the web as we even throw in complimentary search engine optimization for your business name! If you are looking for FREE Premium Subscription, we have a Referral Program, which you can refer to 5 Friends or Businesses to Sign up on our Premium Package for a Free one year Subscription. Talk to us on Referral Program.

rapidfy referral program

Now you have discovered the secret of business with Rapidfy, what are you waiting for? Download the app and watch our video to learn how to list your skills or business right away! May your business grow exponentially with us and do enjoy the journey building something for yourself and being your own boss! 



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