Enabling service professionals' website with chatbots and live chat

Enabling service professionals' website with chatbots and live chat

As the popularity of conversational commerce continues to rise, Rapidfy is adding Live Chat and Chat-bot features to allow on-demand service professionals to communicate with their customers on their website, Facebook or the Rapidfy platform in one app. Additional messenger platform integrations are underway.

Rapidfy also offers Customer Service outsourcing where chatbots would be unsuitable. Both these services will be offered to service professionals at a very affordable cost. Other than service professionals, Rapidfy live chat systems are also used in large portals like the World Chinese Economic Forum to small medium enterprises.

These features expand on Rapidfy's portfolio of services provided by its platform to customers and service professionals which include the on-demand matching system, location based business directory and jobs browser. These services are available on iOS, Android and website.

Rapidfy matching system lets customers make a request for services that they need on the web portal or mobile app. These requests are broadcast to nearby service professionals with the right skills as leads. Interested service professionals can then respond to that request with quotes or text the customer for further information.

Professionals and service businesses can also choose jobs that they feel they can do from the job browser. Requirement details, budget and location are listed for the service professionals to review before picking up the job.

Rapidfy platform automatically publishes information of service professionals hosting on the Rapidfy platform in a business directory. This allows service professionals that don't have a website to show up on search engines like google when a customer performs a search.

A "Request for Quote" feature also allows potential customers to request for a quote from the service professional instantly within the business directory. This gives customers a convenient way to send a request to a preferred service professional.

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Rapidfy is an on-demand platform with a majority of service professionals coming from United States, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia while a customized industry version is available on a SAAS and partnership model.


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