Private home tutors, what you need to know

Private home tutors, what you need to know

A detailed guide on how you can find a good tutor for your child in the right budget and right preferences.

Give your child a brilliant kick start to 2016 with the best personal tutors that the world has to offer. But how would you find that elusive personal tutor among the majority of average others. Because you want to make the best decision for you kid, this piece is meant just for you. Here is what you should do.

Decide your goals

Know what your child needs, and which areas he wants to improve, so that you can decide your goals and create a realistic and achievable plan. Be clear and definite about the output so that you can set your plan likewise.

Take these super easy steps to clearly define your goals:

  • The opinion of your child matters the most
  • Converse with the teacher 
  • Observe the learning style 
  • Select your budget and time constraints.

Consider options for a personal tutor

You can easily create an effective plan for hiring the best tutor only if you have the specific answers to these questions. Think through various options depending upon the objectives you have set. As a rule of thumb, consider more than a few reliable sources so that you have a liberty to choose the most eligible personal tutor

  • Use the web to find finest tutors that can assist your kid.  Use the exact search query to get narrowed down results. For example, if you need a tutor for math, and the student is in 5th grade your keyword should specify "math tutor 5th grade”.
  • Hire from a secure and reliable platform for freelancers like Rapidfy where you can check the profiles and standings of different tutors in different subject areas. 
  • Look out for ads in the local newspaper if you are anticipating contacting personal tutors in your area.
  • If you are wondering how I will find a tutor for my child then you should consider asking your friends and family for suggestions. They can recommend a personal tutor they know.

How much should I pay a tutor?

Want to make the best choice for your child staying within your budget constraints?

There is no definite answer for what you should pay because the cost varies with the subject area, grade of studying, your child’s needs and the time you are demanding from the tutor. However, never out rule a professional service provider only because of high rates if that is the ideal one for your child.

Evaluate your choices

Evaluate your choices after you have the complete list of options, including those from the web, freelancing platforms, and newspapers. Ask yourself: 

  • Is this personal tutor fit for my child?
  • What are the credentials?
  • What is the educational background?
  • Does the teaching style suit your kid?
  • Does he/she have an understanding with your child?

These are quick and easy steps you can take to find a personal tutor for your child. If you still have any questions or want to throw in your suggestions, please feel free to ask below in the comment box.i

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