Beginners should know about Yoga

Beginners should know about Yoga

Interested to practice yoga as your routine exercise , but you still don't know how to start? Just proceed , because yoga is about posture and breathing that is suitable to exercisers of all ages , genders and backgrounds. Steps needed to getting started just your body , mind and also your a bit of desire toward yoga.

Next , there are information about yoga that beginners must know to get started with yoga ...


The best candidate for yoga is the person who not flexible.

Is it? Yes . Because yoga is the way for you to practice to be more flexible. Flexibility will achieved by your strength and your body coordination also with the physical confidence. Maybe on your first time doing yoga you can't even to touch your toe , don't worry because flexibility need time to gradually loosening.   So just stand with your planning and start now!!

Yoga can help in builds muscle strength.

Yoga could't cause an injuries.If there an injured, it is because of the overstretching.Yoga is all about physical postures so it will involved the muscle straining as it connect body movements with the breathing.So , in avoiding injured cases during yoga , you need to hired a experienced teacher or attend yoga classes to make sure a session doing yoga without injury. Yoga will improves your muscle strength when you do yoga  you're put your positions that supported with your muscle is like you're lifting your weight.

No need to be fit to do yoga.

To start yoga , no need to fit because you can start from your fitness level , even you don't have to be able to stand .As the example , you can start stretching 5 minutes in the morning then just doing 15 minutes of gentle yoga like plank and stay in the position for a a few minutes that referred to a gentle yoga. It can helps you to stay fits without go to gym. Easy right? So , find the your yoga instructor now as to stay fit.

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Yoga is not a religion ,it just involved spiritual growth over the physical and mental.

 Yoga is began in India for a many  thousand ago , Patanjali who wrote Yoga Sutra that sometimes interweaves with other philosophies like Hinduism or Buddism. Now , yoga is use for the wellness purpose as benefits enough for us to keep our self in good health by helping us to understand our inner world. How is it's? By doing Yoga , we actually learn many techniques like meditation , focus awareness and also breathing , in that way we actually to access ourself. Then , no need to to learn all those philosophy in order to practicing yoga.

 Yoga can help prevent falls.

It's true. Yoga can prevent you from falling. Since it balance by strengthening lower body , especially the ankles and knees so decrease the chance of falling. 

Yoga increase blood circulation.

Yoga is a relaxing exercise that help much in blood flow especially in our hand and feet. By doing yoga , our body gets enough oxygen supply to body cells.With the breathing technique,it allows the oxygenated blood flow perfectly in our body for every twisting poses.This can reduced the percentage of heart attack and stroke as this activity can help in producing  blood with a less platelets. Next , the poses like shoulder stand can make venous blood from legs  flowing efficiently back to heart will directly pump to lung as to collect oxygen before flowing to other body parts to supply oxygen to body cells.

 Yoga can makes you happy.

Believe it or not , by doing yoga actually can promote your happy feeling. A consistent practicing of yoga actually will give you a happy mood due to increase of serotonin levels , a kind of mood stabilizer. In that way , yoga will enhance a greater happiness's level and also a good immune system.Other than that, aregular practising yoga increase memory and the coordination that's why actually help you  to focus.

 Yoga will help you to get a quality sleep.

How's that? I have the answer , by doing yoga it actually can provide relief feeling from a busy and a stressed life. To have a better sleep , you have must sleep in a good feeling which means that you are less tired and stressed.

Yoga can be practice anywhere

Some people are lazy , but still can to do yoga.Just take advantages by sitting on a chair, in a car or everywhere even on bed to make your yoga poses. Seated also yoga have the advantages that we can get that while sitting like we can maintain our spine flexibility and we laso can release tension at the same time. Great enough right?Let's practice yoga now!


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