Top 10 Feng Shui rules for bedroom

Top 10 Feng Shui rules for bedroom

Your bedroom is your peaceful haven to which you retreat to for rest and romance, and emerge feeling renewed and refreshed. A bedroom with good feng shui is a bedroom that is inviting, pleasurable, and convenient to be in, whether its just for a quick nap, a good night's sleep, or to ignite passion! Achieving good feng shui in your bedroom is not complicated nor is it unattainable as long as these 10 basic rules are practiced.

1. Good furniture positioning

bedroom feng shui

As the largest piece of furniture in the room and the place where you rest, the bed is particularly important. The wrong placement can jeopardize your health. The ideal placement for your bed is as far away from the bedroom door as possible, but in a spot which still allows you to keep an eye on the room's entrance. This gives you a sense of protection and safety while you rest. The corner of the room diagonally opposite the door is usually best, since it distances you from the door while keeping the bed out of direct alignment with the room's opening, which is conducive to sleep, relaxation and healthy chi. In feng shui, this is the "commanding position" for the bed.

Never place your bed directly across from the door. This placement puts you in a sleeping position where your feet point toward the door. This is known as the coffin position and is the worst possible position since it's considered the position of death and is very inauspicious.

Avoid placing your bed in front of or underneath a window since chi energy enters and leaves a room through the windows. If your bed is in this pathway, the chi energy will flow over you as you sleep, causing a restless sleep.

Don't place the mattress directly on the floor. This is very inauspicious since you're in the main pathway of the chi energy and never place your bed on a wall shared by the bathroom. These two are typical practical advices of feng shui as dust would easily gather on the bedsheets and covers if the mattress is on the floor while damp would cause mould to grow on bothe mattress and bedding should the bed share the same wall as the bathroom.

2. Use neutral and calming colors

Neutral color room

Color is another important element in the design of the bedroom as it impacts our psychology and our physiology the moment we step in to the room.

Warm, rich earth and skin tones such as coral, cream, terra cotta, copper, peach, cocoa and tan are recommended by feng shui practitioners for creating a welcoming, cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Colors that lend the bedroom a quiet, tranquil vibe while inviting healing energy are soft natural colors like green, light blues and lavenders. Bright reds and oranges are a big no no as they are typically associated with yang — the masculine half of the yin and yang energy equation — and are too stimulating for the calm of a bedroom.

However, pink and red are the colors of romance, and using them in the bedroom to accent items around the room especially on the bed, in the form of pillows, throws, sheets, and other linens can increase the romance and passion in relationships. Alternatively if pink and red isn't your cup of tea, try variations such as pomegranate, burgundy, eggplant and magenta.

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3. Go for Curves, Not Corners

Round side table

If you're in the market for new furniture like a bedside table or other bedroom furniture, try to select pieces that have soft lines and curvilinear forms. Furniture with square corners have too much pointed energy and can create a 'sharp' environment. The right angles are thought to direct negative energy directly at your sleeping form, which can result in a feeling of uneasiness. You can soften corners by draping a piece of flowing fabric over the top or placing a healthy plant on top, with leaves cascading over the corners.

A night stand would also help however do limit what's on your nightstand to a lamp, a picture you love and a plant or fresh flowers or a couple of inspirational books, to create a "Zen" nightstand.

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4. Clear the Clutter

Zen bedroom

Clutter symbolizes unfinished business from a feng shui perspective and impedes forward progress in life. Enable chi to flow freely around the room by keeping clutter as contained as possible and furnishings on the spare side.

Tip: Prevent energy from stagnating in corners by placing plants there. Do not use the space under your bed to store boxes of bedding or out-of-season clothes — doing so will block energy from flowing and lead to stagnation in life.

To create a balance of chi, you must first rid your bedroom of all work-related equipment and clutter. Dirt and dust create pockets of stagnant chi which can result in such things as loss of wealth, disharmony and illness within your relationships. Clutter stored under the bed has its own energy, which can disrupt sleep — especially if it's clutter that is work-related. 

Also consider what associations and memories the objects or furniture in your bedroom hold for you, and then get rid of anything that you associate with a negative time in your life, like a former relationship or a past health problem. That includes heirloom furniture that generations of your family have hated and even the bedside tables you bought with your ex. 

"Less is more" also applies to your closet as clutter behind closed doors can be just as depleting as clutter that's in the open. If you feel confused, irritated and overwhelmed when you open the closet door, its about time to start organizing your closet to help give you a sense of control over your life. Pick an throw out clothes that are no longer worn, unflattering or out-of-style, then sort by color and season. Install organizers to hold scarves, shoes, belts and other accessories, and move everything else taking space in your closet to another spot. Better yet, give it away!

5. Make Space for Two

Couple's room

As the saying goes, "No man is an island". One is indeed the loneliest number — even when it comes to bedroom decor and furnishing. Having only space on one side of the bed to climb in and out or one just nightstand is very symbolic of solitude, and can actually hold your single status in place. Single people have a tendency to have art and accesories that depict solitude, a single flower in a vase for example.

Instead, if you're single which you definitely don't want to be, decorate your bedroom as if you already have a partner there. The key is symmetry, so position lamps and nightstands on both sides of the bed. Accessorize in multiples or pairs. A bunch of flowers in a vase would do wonders brightening a room than a single stalk and hang art depicting unity and romance, which feng shui gurus say creates a "couples' energy" as well as a sense of abundance and balance in the room.

In the feng shui "map" of the bedroom, called the bagua, the far right corner is the "love center." Whether you're single or coupled, consider building a "shrine to love" in that spot. Accessorize a table, dresser or shelf with a photo of you and your mate (or other art that depicts a happy couple), a pair of candles, a book of romantic poetry and a heart-shaped box. It becomes an environmental affirmation of your relationship goals. A thriving plant with rounded, not spiky, leaves is another nice addition. Silk plants or flowers are OK, according to feng shui practitioners, but never keep a sickly specimen or dried foliage here, since their symbolism is obvious.
Another feng shui no-no: king-sized beds. Not only do they create a physical chasm between you and your mate, but they are split down the middle by two box springs, which creates a symbolic dividing line between partners that can affect their unity. If you're not about to trade in your beloved California King, even for the sake of your other beloved, a red sheet placed over the box springs will help unify the two separate halves.

6. Wake to beauty

A common feng shui strategy is to select art and other decorative objects that depict things or goals you'd like to see manifest in your life, whether love, success or inner peace. In the bedroom, feng shui practitioners suggest hanging your favorite piece of art or photography on the wall opposite your bed. The last thing you see before you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you open your eyes should be something that makes you feel inspired and joyful. Family photos the one type of art that you don't want in your bedroom. You can have pictures of your kids and parents all over the rest of the house, but in the bedroom the focus should be on you and your partner.

If your view directly across from the bed is of a messy closet or an adjoining bathroom, use curtains to screen those views, folding screens or simply by closing the door. Also, you should put down the toilet seat at night, lest the bedroom's energy go right down the drain.

Another thing not to place next to, opposite, or over the bed (and definitely not on the ceiling, which is a definite crime against more than just feng shui) is a mirror. In addition to bouncing far too much energy around the room to allow for a good rest, these reflective surfaces are thought to magnify worries and problems — and some feng shui practitioners even say that having mirrors in the bedroom can invite a third party to interfere in your relationship. If your closet doors are mirrored, treat them as if they were windows and hang curtains in front of them. Move all other mirrors out of the room, position them to face away from the bed or cover them with a pretty piece of fabric when you turn in for the night.

7. Make it your sensual haven

In addition to creating a room that's beautiful to look and wake up at, appeal your other senses as well, by taking the time to fill your bedroom with things you love to touch, smell, taste and hear.

8. Shut Out the World

Dark bedroom

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, contemplation and intimacy — not a place of work, blaring music or exercise. Phones, televisions or computers or a desk piled high with paperwork and bills take up and give off a lot of energy. They also distract you from rest and romance. The bedroom should instead be a place where you can turn off the stresses of the day. Blackout curtains and good sound proofed windows and doors keep out light and sound giving you more peace during your rest.

If your bedroom must double up as a work or exercise space, use a beautiful fabric hung from a ceiling-mounted curtain rod or a lightweight folding screen to conceal them. If a TV is a necessity, keep it in a cabinet or armoire so that you can literally "close the door" on it while you sleep. Draping a nice piece over the set when you're not using it will serve a similar purpose.

9. Let there be light

When it comes to bedroom lighting, feng shui experts say that flexibility is key: You want lots of natural light during the day, soft light in the evening and darkness while you sleep. Aside from the positive energy it imparts, exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning influences serotonin levels and can affect you for the rest of the day. So invest in window coverings that can easily be thrown open to greet the sun and pulled closed for privacy and a cocoon-like ambiance after nightfall.

When choosing sources for artificial light, make sure to provide illumination from a variety of them, including overhead, table and wall lights. Balance light directed downward (such as from recessed cans in the ceiling) with up-lit torchieres and sconces, which cast a softer light and lift your energy. Finally, put all the lights in the bedroom on dimmers to that you can calm the energy of the space at night.

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10. Quality of Air in Your Bedroom

Be mindful of the quality of air in your bedroom. You cannot have good feng shui in your bedroom if the air you breathe in is stale and full of pollutants. Please note, though that plants in the bedroom are not good feng shui, unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

Now that you have the ten tips, its time to put these tips to good use. Want more feng shui tips? Hire top feng shui masters from all around the world including United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and more with Rapidfy!

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