Tips to keep your home cleaner for longer

Tips to keep your home cleaner for longer

You found the perfect house cleaner – on Rapidfy, of course. After she’s whisked through your home, it feels like it’s all new again. But three days later, the clutter begins to creep forward. In a week, the dust has settled. But she won’t be back for weeks. We can hear you panicking. Relax. We have just the solutions for you.



1. Every night before bed, do a quick sweep of flat surfaces for any stray dishes, misplaced mail or other assorted flotsam. Transfer everything clogging your tables to its proper home and your house automatically feels cleaner.

Pro tip: Have a big basket you can easily carry,specifically for this purpose. Dump everything in when you find it and redistribute as you pass through the next room.

2. Do the dishes every day. After every meal if you’re feeling feisty. Nothing makes a house feel dirty like a sink full of congealing dishes, so load up the dishwasher or pull out the scrub brush.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to scrub the sink and wipe down the countertops.


3. Run the vacuum over the most highly trafficked areas.

Pro tip: Most vacuums work on hard surfaces as well as carpet. Hit all of them when the beast has been unleashed.

4. Dust obvious surfaces. Don’t go overboard hitting all the ridges of all the tchotchkes. Just tackle the big surfaces where dust is visible.

Pro tip: Try out a few dusting options. See if you prefer a cloth, a feather duster, or one of those fluffy dusting sticks.

5. Wipe down bathroom surfaces and give the toilet a brief scrub.

Pro tip: This can take as little as five minutes and has a huge impact on how clean your home feels.

Voilà! Your home feels liveable until the house cleaner makes her next appearance.If you really need a cleaner for your home right now its always just a click away with Rapidfy!

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