Chinese New Year reunion dinner menu ideas

Chinese New Year reunion dinner menu ideas

Chinese New Year is a meaningful and big occasion for Chinese all over the world. It is a symbolic event and also a gathering for all family members from far and near. Certain food served during Chinese New Year carries its own important meaning behind it.


In the Chinese language, the word fish carries the same pronunciation as "surplus". Having a surplus of savings from the previous year carries with it the hope that even more surplus will be saved the following year. Thus fish is a popular dish served during Chinese New Year. Fish is cooked and served in various ways from braising to boiling to steaming. The types of fishes serving during Chinese New Year is chosen for the meanings that they carry.

The meaning of various fish

  • Crucian Carp symbolizes good luck for the rest of the year as the first character of Crucian Carp sounds like the Chinese word for "good luck"
  • Catfish symbolizes surplus for the year as the pronunciation for the word Catfish sounds similar to "year surplus" in chinese
  • Chinese Mud Carp symbolizes wishing for good fortune as the word for "gifts" in chinese is pronounced similar to it
  • Eating two fish symbolizes surplus year after year when taken on Chinese New Year eve and Chinese New Year


Chinese dumplings have a history of over 1800 years and is considered as a traditional and classic Chinese food. These dumplings are shaped to look like Chinese silver ingots which are said to bring you more money the more you eat them. Certain fillings carry meaning too, for example eating dumplings with cabbage and radish will give you a good complexion your mood will be a lot more gentle.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are traditionally eating during the Spring Festival and are named as such. Spring rolls indicate prosperity when taken during the Chinese New Year.

Glutinous Rice Cakes

In Chinese, Glutinous Rice Cakes are pronounced similar to "getting higher year on year". This symbolizes a more prosperous year in both life and business.

Sweet Rice Balls

Sweet Rice Balls is a celebrated food during China's Lantern Festival. The pronunciation and round shape of the rice balls are associated with being together and reunion.

Longetivity Noodles

Longetivity like its namesake, symbolizes a wish for longetivity. These noodles are  long and uncut, and served either fried or boiled with broth.

Fruits of Fortune

Certain fruits consumed throughout Chinese New Year, such as oranges, pomeloes, and tangerines carry their own meanings. They are chosen typically because of their shape, which is particularly round and golden in color or for the way they are pronounced. These symbolize wealth and fullness.

Eating and displaying oranges and tangerines is believed to bring fortune and good luck because of the way the word is written and pronounced.

Pomeloes on the other hand symbolize continuous properity. The more they are consumed indicated the more wealth you will acquire.  

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