Airbnb cleaning service, key collection & more with Rapidfy

Airbnb cleaning service, key collection & more with Rapidfy

Do you often make money by hosting your space through Airbnb? If yes, then be ready to make us your best friend to take the time and hassle out of managing your rental process. How? Read below

A warm and big hello to all our Airbnb friends out there

At Rapidfy we are here to make your hosting experience incredible and convenient like never before. No matter where you are, we will reach you in seconds to provide housekeeping and other necessary solutions right at your doorstep. Enthusiastic businesses hosted with us are always ready to calm your mind and assist you in comforting your lovely traveler guests staying at your place. 

We are a one stop solution for an amazing range of services for your customers. At Rapidfy, you will find some must-have services that can boost the profits of your business in no time with the least of headaches.

Find Spotless Cleaning Services

You cannot let your new guests sleep on those dirty sheets and smelly washrooms. It can be a big turn off and they would think twice to stay at your place again. You’d definitely want them to visit your place again! So, avail yourself of the top-notch cleaning services from businesses hosted on Rapidfy and make your place shine like never before. They do not just do simple mopping and dusting, but much more than that. Here is what they will do to brighten up your home. 

  • Commercial Cleaning 
  • Home Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning And Laundry
  • Sofa, Carpet, And Furniture Cleaning 
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning And Maintenance 

In short, clean up the entire mess of your home and turn it into something that your guests will surely appreciate. 

Find Astonishing Handyman Services

You can even get reliable handymen at affordable prices with Rapidfy. If you feel insecure or unsafe, Rapidfy’s trust point system gives you peace of mind by allowing businesses to verify their businesses against a detail list of criterias. You can also find renovation services, if your place needs some serious refurbishing. Some other services you can find with Rapidfy:

  • Alarm and CCTV
  • Construction and renovation
  • Curtains, blinds, and railing
  • Door installation
  • Electrical wiring and electricians
  • Fan and Light installation
  • Flooring installation and services
  • Garden landscaping and gardeners
  • Glass work
  • Carpenters for kitchen and office cabinets
  • Plastering and Painters
  • Plumbing installation, plumbers
  • Water heater installation and services

Deliver Luscious Delicacies

When you are with us, you do not have to worry about food. Make use of delivery services hosted with Rapidfy that are ready to deliver the best delicacies, which will make your guests want more! Or, splurge and pamper them with personal chefs that will cook some of the best delicacies in the world, just for them. Your guests will not get tired of praising you for making it such a wonderful experience. Even services like grocery shopping and delivery services are available at attractive prices. 

Why wait any longer? Download Rapidfy’s mobile app right now here and benefit from the convenience with our top-notch services at affordable prices. Rapidfy is available worldwide including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and United States.


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