6 tips to be a better tour guide

6 tips to be a better tour guide

Have you just joined Rapidfy and started up your tour guide business with us? Becoming a tour guide is both rewarding and profitable. Who doesn't like to show and discuss beautiful locations around the world?

However, maintaining a steady number of customers is hard for every tour guide business, that's why you need to read these 6 tips to attract more customers to your business.


  1. Be knowledgeable about your local area and well versed in local history.
  2. Be sensitive, friendly and smile as much as possible.
  3. Don't be late. Tourists have their own strict schedules and expect you to be on time and fully ready for the tour.
  4. Take your guests to some of your favorite places. They will enjoy learning about hidden away spots that give a sense of local immersion.
  5. Make an effort in meeting new people. Remember to introduce yourself and meet each individual in your group. This will make the tour more enjoyable for everyone that attends.
  6. Stay organized with your tour guide appointments. Planning tours is difficult enough, don't make it harder on yourself by having to keep track of every tour appointment. Automate your tour guide appointments with online scheduling.

Follow these six tips above and your tour guide business will attract more customers.

Remember, your customers will keep coming back for tours if they have a great experience. Make your tours fun and exciting, and your customers will keep coming back for another tour.

If you aren't already with us, download Rapidfy now and create your tour guide business to be a part of this wonderful industry!

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