Making your Valentine’s Day special for someone special

Making your Valentine’s Day special for someone special

The long awaited day of the year is finally here. Before spring opens up its doors to color and blossom, we are all set to embrace the time of love. This day celebrated in the middle of February, precisely the 14th of February, is universally enjoyed with great zeal and zest. Regardless of religion, color, sect or social class, every individual on the face of planet Earth loves celebrating this day and expressing their love for those who are close to their hearts. 

If you are yet to decide what are you going to do this season for your partner or partner to be, then these ideas are going to help you out in your quest. 

Love is what it is all about after all! 

The Dance of Love

Music and dancing are so intertwined with human emotions of love and joy that no one can deny its significance. Dance is a natural pattern of nature and everything it signifies to show celebration and chemistry. Impress your partner this valentine by inviting him or her to the floor with a romantic and intimate dance. Even just the basics will be sufficient to kindle the start of a flame for the night.  

The Song of Love

Composing a song for your loved one on Valentine’s Day may not be within the reach of everyone, but when presented with a little flair is bound to melt the heart of even the hardest of hearts. However, it’s not about being a professional song writer when it comes to expressing your love and care. It is what you truly desire and feel for that person. Even without the gift of song, you could employ the help of a good musician to help you out with it. Perhaps start with a jingle from you, or you could simply be the one to write the lyrics about something meaningful. Your partner will certainly appreciate it if it is honest and straight from the heart and cherish it even more than a famous love song by a popular musician.

The Cake of Love

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, far fetch as it may seem, this statement can apply to any individual and gender because when you really put together your love, sweetness and emotions for a person into baking a cake, it enhances the taste and makes the other person feel valued. Never baked anything before? That shouldn’t be a problem! There are numerous cooks and chefs willing to teach at reasonable prices, just as long as you have the heart to learn.

The Sparkle of Love

Now this one is for the men. Since the beginning of time, there is a strong correlation between love, relationships and sparkling jewels. Maybe it is a way of leaving an important memory with your beloved that remains glittering with her for the rest of her life. Or perhaps it is the attraction of its everlasting nature that represents an unbreakable bond. To add that additional pizazz to win over her heart, you could get a custom made jewelry engraved with her initials and yours. 

The Memory of Love

If you are doing something special this Valentine’s Day, then you should have those golden moments of your life captured so that it may be relived another day. Taking selfies and all may be the trend, but only a real photographer or videographer can truly capture the scene as it should be remembered. There might be tears, but they’ll be beautiful.

The Language of Love

Touch his or her heart with a short meaningful speech about what he or she means to you to present to the people around her over dinner. Write it in their native language to add that extra touch of effort. Here are a few sentences declaring love for you to start with along with their meanings:

  • Chinese: Wo ai ni
  • French: Je t'aime
  • Korean: Sa lang hae
  • Japanese: Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu
  • Malay: Saya cintai mu 

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