7 lies your mother probably told you

7 lies your mother probably told you

Mothers are the greatest creations of god. Angels on earth that give birth to life, and a life long bond to her child. But do angels lie? Here are 7 lies your mother probably told you sometime in your life. 

1. Eat this my child, I'm not hungry

This lie is most prevalent among poor families where food is a scarcity. While giving you her portion of her food to you, she would have said "I'm not hungry, you can have mine".

Mom watching child eat
Image courtesy of The wolf children

2. You can have it, its not my favorite

You would most probably have heard this lie before. It could be the best part of a fish, or even something dear to her, yet she would lie and have you take it, her compensation is the look of joy on your face.

3. It's alright, I'm not tired

Had a large dinner made by your mom? Despite the hours she toiled in the kitchen, weeping over chopped onions, or having her hands burnt by splattering oil, at the end of the day, she would still clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes and tell you she is not tired, run along and go watch TV.

Or to fund your education, she toils day and night working yet still can have the energy to make you breakfast or clean up your room the next day, and even if you asked, she would always say "It's alright, I'm not tired"

Tired mom doing laundry

4. I have enough money

A story goes where a mother would rather see her son in brand new Nike's, even while she goes around in tattered slippers. Or perhaps you have tried sending money back to your mom when you have all grown up, yet she sends them back to you while telling you "You need the money more than me, I have enough money" while you dine in the fanciest restaurants and she has her simple home cooked food.

5. I don't like the city

When you are all grown up, leaving the country side and living the high life in the city, despite every mom's desire to be able to see her children every single day, even if you tried to invite her to stay with you in the city she would probably decline, giving you the lie "I don't like the city" when in truth she does not want to burden you with taking care of her.

6. I'm comfortable enough

Ever heard this lie when your mom would give you that comfy plush bed while she sleeps on the floor or sofa? Or maybe when she would give you the fan while she perspires in the heat? All too often we hear mother's giving the children all the comfort in the world, while they are "comfortable enough"

7. Don't cry, I'm not in pain

Just to see you smile, mother's bear physical and mental pain. Even when she is sick, she tells you she is not in pain, just so she does not worry you. Even till the day of her last breath she would probably whisper "Don't cry, I'm not in pain".

Hold mom's hand

So yes, angels do lie sometimes, but not in the way you expected. So to everyone fortunate enough to still have your mother around, this mother's day, show her how much she means to you. It could be something as simple as giving her a break off house work by getting a cleaner to do it instead, or hiring a gardener to give her flower beds  a brand new makeover, or even have a personal chef make her fine dining in her very own home.

Do comment below if you have your own touching story to share. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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