Trust Points

Rapidfy implements Trust Points to ensure you get the best service. Trust Points indicates how much a provider can be trusted. The higher the number of Trust Points, the higher the credibility.

Trust Points includes simple social linking to Facebook, Email, Phone number and also identity documents like I.C. and Passport. For providers who have an actual business, their business registration certificate are verified before they are awarded the Business Registration Trust Point.


Some safety tips a user, supplier can follow
1. Read profiles and reviews of your potential Suppliers or Buyers.

Look for verified phone numbers, connected social networks, and references, and be sure to read any reviews left by other Buyers and Suppliers. If potential Suppliers don’t have any profile verifications, ask them to complete some.

2. Message on Rapidfy before accepting a Offer.

Always pay and communicate on Rapidfy. Use Rapidfy’s messaging system to get to know your Suppliers or Buyers and share expectations about the Job.

Trust your intuition: if you don’t feel right about a the offer, don’t accept it!

3. Set requirements for your Purchase.

You can require supplier to complete verifications before they offer, such as Verified ID.

4. Fill out your house rules and have someone to be at home.

Have someone to watch over the jobs when the plumber, contractors, aircon, heater specialists are working in your house.

5. Pay only they complete the job

As a buyer, you can choose to pay direct or pay through Rapidfy to the supplier. If the supplier insist to have a deposit, please only pay it through Rapidfy to hold as trust. Rapidfy only charge a maximum of 12% surchage on the deposit, this is to cover the cost of administration and payment charges to bank.  

6. Add an insurance plan outside Rapidfy.

Adding an extra layer of protection homeowner’s insurance may be right for you.Some policies even cover lost on negligence by suppliers on Home renovation, fixing and repair. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options.

7. Sign up for Personal Accident's insurance.

Rapidfy does not offer Personal or General's insurance for Contractors, plumbers, various home specialist. However, Personal and General's insurance is a relatively affordable option that can protect you in case of an injury or on a Job. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options.

8. Keep your cash, valueble safe.

Keep your currency in safe, and dont push cash any where.

9. Be a considerate Buyer or Supplier.

Whether you're still looking for the perfect Business listing or are already on your way to get a Supplier to do the job for you, being a considerate buyer or supplier matters.


All the Reviews on Rapidfy are written by Users and Providers from our community, so any review you see is based on a the transaction a buyer had in a supplier's listing

To leave a review for a Recent job, click review upon job completion. Reviews are limited to 500 words and must follow Rapidfy's review guidelines, you can edit your review at anytime you want.

To see reviews you've written or reviews about you, click on Reviews at the App. Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove a review if we find that it violdates our review policy

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